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Skin Care Services

Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.  Please check out our policy page before your appointment!  Thank you!!  If your babysitter or childcare falls through, please reschedule your appointment.  We adore babies and kids, but for their safety and out of respect for clients who have come to relax and recharge we respectfully request that you do not bring them to your appointment.  Thanks so much for understanding!!  

We are super excited to be using and carrying Dermalogica products in the spa!  Using Dermalogica allows us to highly customize regimens and services for every individual because no two skin conditions are the same.  Our estheticians can make recommendations best suited for your skin type and condition.  You can purchase products in the store right after your service or here.  If there is a Dermalogica product that you are already using with success that you would like to see us carry for you, please let us know!!   

~Prices are subject to change without notice~

Rosy Glow Facial - February Special



The Rosy Glow Facial is approximately 60 minutes long. This service focuses on the skin of your face and décolleté. It includes deep cleansing, skin analysis, and exfoliation. The massage portion of this facial will incorporate the use of a Rose Quartz roller encouraging lymphatic drainage and the relief of muscle tension. An Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly Masque will illuminate your skin to reveal a subtle glow; it will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day leaving you with supple skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   You will also receive a rose paraffin wax dip for your hands and massage for the neck, shoulders and décolleté.

Classic Facial


Rejuvenate your skin with our basic facial.  Enjoy approximately 50 minutes of pampering as we cleanse, analyze, exfoliate and massage your face.  Then let a mask customized for your skin type go to work as it delivers concentrated, focused treatment to leave you with soft, supple skin.  Afterwards your skin will be toned and moisturized.  50 minutes 

Express Facial


Designed exclusively for the client on the go, this 30-minute facial includes the same benefits as the basic facial, but in half the time.  30 minutes

Luxurious Spa Facial


Every bit as amazing as our Classic Facial and then some, the Luxurious Spa Facial will last approximately 60 minutes.  In addition to everything the Classic Facial includes, you will also be treated to neck, shoulder, and décolleté massage as well as arm and hand massage. A warm paraffin wax treatment for your hands will leave them feeling soft and moisturized while the trapped heat relaxes tired muscles.  

Hot Stone Facial

$90.00 - this service is temporarily unavailable

A facial that will take you to another level of relaxation! You will experience all the goodness of the Luxurious Spa Facial but with the addition of hot stones.


$110.00 - this service is temporarily unavailable

This treatment uses an exfoliating blade to remove the dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin as well as the soft, vellus hair (aka peach fuzz).  You will notice visibly brighter skin after your first treatment.  Makeup will go on much more smoothly and your serums and creams will penetrate much more readily which helps their efficacy. This treatment also helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as the appearance of sun damage, age spots, and discoloration. For best results, this treatment should be repeated every three to four weeks.  This 75-minute treatment includes a pre-cleanse, deep cleanse, the dermaplane treatment, enzyme for further exfoliation, facial massage, serums, hydrojelly mask, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.  There will be a consultation before and after the appointment.  You will be given after-care instructions.  Contraindications include:  Botox or filler a week prior to appointment; the use of Renin-A products within 3 weeks of your appointment; recent chemical peels, laser treatments, or IPL treatment; diabetes; cancer; blood thinners; Accutane, Isotretinoin, or severe acne; acne lesions, cold sores, raised moles or skin tags; sunburned or windburned skin.  If any of these apply to you please let us know prior to booking an appointment.  



The benefits of microdermabrasion are numerous.  In less than 60 minutes this painless procedure tackles flaws on the surface of your skin.  Encouraging cell turn-over, it refreshes your skin without being time-intensive or invasive and helps with sun damage, age spots, discoloration, and fine lines. It can clear away dead skin cells and other impurities that lead to blocked pores.  It is our recommendation that you start with a few sessions close together (10-14 days apart) and then maintain every 3 to 4 weeks.  45-60 minutes      

Mature Skin Facial


Appropriate for clients 35 years old and up, this facial targets mature skin concerns.  Includes quick cleanse, deep cleanse, microdermabrasion to help soften wrinkles and diminish the appearance of pores, a light facial massage to stimulate circulation, a Hydrojelly facial mask infused with collagen, toner to even out skin tone and pH levels, peptide serum to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines, and last but not least moisturizer and sunscreen will be applied using the cold hammer to soothe and tighten the skin.  65 minutes 

Clear Skin Facial


This treatment is ideal for those with oily or acne prone skin. After your skin has been cleansed, analyzed and exfoliated blemishes will be manually extracted.  A high frequency current will then be used to dry bacteria, reduce redness, improve circulation and encourage cell-turnover leaving you with clearer skin.  Afterward your skin will receive a mask, toner and moisturizer.  60 minutes

Spa Add-ons

Esthemax Hydorjelly Mask - add one of these amazing masks to any facial for $20.00.

High-Frequency Treatment - add this treatment to a facial to kill acne causing bacteria or soften fine lines and wrinkles - $15.00

Arm and Hand Massage - add this relaxing treatment to any facial for $5.00 

Paraffin Wax Treatment - $5.00

Bridal Beauty Program

Want your skin to look its best for your big day? This skin care program is designed to start six to eight months before your big day to get your skin in tip-top shape. You can choose from six to eight customized facials.  You will consult with an esthetician to determine the best plan for your skin.  She will also help you with an at-home skin care regimen that will compliment what is being done in the spa to achieve the best possible results.  Prices start at $300.00.  Sessions must all be paid for at the same time. Call for more information.

Waxing Services:

Upper lip - $10.00

Brows - $20.00 

Chin to Cheek - $30.00 

Tinting Services

Eyebrows - $25.00

Eyelashes - $25.00

Please note that we are closed Sunday through Tuesday.  We will not open on those days even by request.  Thank you for understanding our need to recharge and be with our families.

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