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Manicures & Pedicures

"You can't rush art!"

We really want your fingers and toes to look amazing. That takes time. We do detailed cuticle work and we don't rush through our services, so it may take a little longer here than at other salons, but it will be worth it! 

Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.  Please check out our policy page before your appointment!  Thank you!!

If your babysitter or child care falls through, please reschedule your appointment.  We adore babies and kids, but for their safety and out of respect for clients who have come to relax and recharge we respectfully request that you do not bring them to your appointment.  Thanks so much for understanding!!  

One more thing...we do not offer nail or pedicure services for children under 10 years old. Your child must be able to sit still for the duration of the appointment. If you and your child are receiving services together, your child must be able to wait quietly for you in the event your child is finished first. Please do not bring younger siblings to the appointment. If you bring younger siblings to the appointment, you will be asked to reschedule.

~Prices are subject to change without notice~

Mani Services:

Mandy is coming back from maternity leave!! She is scheduling appointments on Fridays from 11:00 - 7:00. She plans to add more days to her schedule in the future. To schedule an appointment with her please click here and fill out our contact form. You can also schedule with her by calling or texting us at 724-205-1653.

Removal Fees

Time varies - We take our time when we remove product so that we do not damage your nail beds. Sometimes removal can take up to an hour depending on the product being removed. We also take the time to do cuticle work and shaping. These prices are only for complete removal and do not affect fill prices or gel color changes.

Gel Polish             $30.00

Gel Overlay          $45.00



Russian Manicure - a definition 

A Russian Manicure is a dry manicure that uses a specific technique that involves an e-file and various diamond bits to achieve very precise, clean cuticles and remove excess dead skin from around and off of the nail plate. This very efficient method leaves you with beautiful, natural, clean manicure nails and allows the product to be "tucked" under the cuticle fold resulting in a longer lasting manicure. Both of our nail techs are trained and certified in the proper use of e-files and how to safely and correctly perform a Russian Manicure. Once you try it, there's no going back! For more information, visit our Instagram page @whitebarn_nailboutique_spa for videos on how we do a Russian Manicure.

Christmas Nails 2.jpg

The Clean

This is a Russian manicure on natural nails. It does not include base or polish. 40-50 minutes    $50.00

The Simple

This is a Russian manicure and tinted structure-gel overlay base.  Does not include gel polish or art.  60-75 minutes

~Short nails - $70.00

~Medium/Long nails - $75.00

Nail Add-ons

Nail Wrap to protect small splits

$3.00 per nail


Nail extension - This is an extension using structure gel to bring a broken nail or nails to the same length as the other nails.  Only 2 nails per appointment. $7.00+ per nail     


Nail Repair - these are free within 72 hours of initial appointment. After that they are $7.00 per nail.                                                

Nails 1.jpg
Nails 2.jpg

The Polished

This is a Russian manicure, structure-gel overlay base & a solid color gel polish. Art is an add-on. 90-120 minutes

~Short nails - $80.00

~Medium/Long nails - $85.00

The Elevated

This is a Russian manicure, structure-gel overlay base, gel polish, 2 nails of simple are, paraffin hand treatment, 2 hot towels, and hand lotion. 120 minutes

~Short nails - $100.00

~Medium/Long nails - $110.00

Nail Art

Please be aware that the more intricate the nail art the more time it will take.  Some nail art must be done in layers and cured between each layer.  Nail art can easily add 5-45 minutes to an appointment depending on the design and how many nails you choose to have done with art.  If you know you want nail art please schedule "The Polished" Manicure! If you have an inspo picture please send it to us before your appointment to consult about time and priceInspo pictures are used as a guideline. Please understand that each stylist is unique in her own way and will do her best to make your design come to life! 

French Tip - $2.00 per nail

Ombre - $5.00 per nail

Chrome - $2.00 per nail

Encapsulation - $7.00 per nail    

Hand-painted - $2.00 - $12.00 per nail depending on the design

Nails 5.jpg

Dry Pedi Services:

We are a dry-pedicure salon and our nail technicians are certified in this procedure. A dry pedicure is a cosmetic service that involves no liquid products, water, or foot soak. Instead, professional electric-file bits and foot-care products such as callous softeners are used for detailed cuticle care and dry-skin exfoliation. It is more sanitary, healthier, and longer lasting than traditional pedicures. This is a results-driven service and requires maintenance to see maximum results.

This is not a medical procedure and we do NOT remove ingrown toenails, corns, or fungal diseases, or work on open sores/wounds/inflamed skin. Certain medications such as blood thinners  or high doses of aspirin are contraindications for this service due to increased sensitivity and/or the possibility of delayed clotting from a nick or cut. We reserve the right to refuse service if any of these contraindications are present at the time of the service and will refer you to your doctor. 

The Clean Toes

Russian pedicure for clean natural toenails; does not include polish. 45-60 minutes $50.00

The Polished Toes

Russian pedicure with solid gel color application and foot cream. 60-75 minutes $65.00

The Toes & Feet

Russian pedicure with solid gel color application, callus/dry skin exfoliation, hot towels, and foot massage with Podo Expert Dry Skin Foam. Up to 120 minutes $100.00

Four-week Maintenance

75-90 minutes $80.00

Bride-to-be Package

Calling all brides!! We have created a pampering skin and nail care package specifically designed with your big day in mind!  This package includes our Luxurious Spa Facial, Dry Pedicure, and Bridal Gel Manicure (includes hand massage and paraffin wax for the hands).  Perfect to help you wind down before the big day!  Separately these services have a value of $255, but in this special package they are $240! This service takes approximately 3.5 hours. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking.    

Please note that we are closed Sunday through Tuesday.  We will not open on those days even by request.  Thank you for understanding our need to recharge and be with our families.

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