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Q&A:   Can I use my own soap pump bottle with your liquid soap refill?

We can only guarantee that our foaming liquid goat milk soap will work in our pump bottles only.  If you purchase the 17oz. refill to put in your own pump bottle that you did not purchase from us, we cannot guarantee that our liquid solution will foam properly.  It may work fine and you are more than welcome to select and purchase just the 17oz. refill option.

You are going to absolutely just love our new foaming liquid goat milk soap!  Our liquid soap has been specially formulated to provide the perfect amount of moisturizing and nourishing oils to keep your skin well-conditioned.  We have found that it almost makes you want to keep washing your hands over and over again. Your skin will be left feeling super clean, extremely moisturized and completely nourished with all the natural oils and the benefits and goodness of the 100% real goat milk that we have integrated into our special formula.  


Soap Note:

This is a great foaming liquid soap if you are required to constantly wash your hands for work related reasons.  ie. nurses, doctors, dentists,  food prep. people, health care professionals, etc.

Foaming Liquid Goat Milk Soap (8.5oz.)

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