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Meet your Licensed Massage Therapist

Wellness for the body, mind and soul is my top priority as your massage therapist. I am passionate about working with my client’s individual needs to help facilitate restoration and healing. If you are in need of quality relaxation or holistic treatment for pain management then massage therapy will benefit YOU!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment contact us here or call or text 724-205-1653.  If you contact us via our contact page or email please make sure you check your spam or junk folder to make sure you receive our response. 

Alysha McConnell,LMT

PA License # MSG014902


~Prices are subject to change without notice~

2023 Massage Specials $100.00 - Scheduling now! These will fill quickly!

All massages in this special include:

60-minute Relaxation Massage

Foot Scrub


Eight hot stones for the back, neck, & shoulders

September - The Golden Hour 

Foot Scrub - Warm Almond & Brown Sugar

Aromatherapy - Warmth - a blend of vanilla, brown sugar, & sandalwood

October - Pumpkin Spice

Foot Scrub - Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Aromatherapy - Pumpkin Spice - a blend of vanilla, cinnamon leaf, & clove

November 25 - December - Peppermint Swirl 

Foot Scrub - Peppermint Sugar

Aromatherapy - Peppermint


~Regular Services~

Aromatherapy Options

Custom Spa Blends:

Harmony - a blend of lavender, blue sage, and clove

Invigorate - a blend of juniper, eucalyptus, and orange

Warmth - a blend of vanilla, brown sugar, and sandalwood

Unwind - a blend of orange and chamomile

Purify - a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus

Please Note - peppermint is NOT advised for individuals who are pregnant, nursing, or prone to seizures. 

Single Essential Oils:

Eucalyptus - stimulating

Lavender - relaxing

Orange - energizing

Peppermint - relieving 

Please Note - peppermint is NOT advised for individuals who are pregnant, nursing, or prone to seizures.

Hot Stone Add-On

A total of eight hot stones are applied to the back, neck, and shoulders. Also enjoy two aromatherapy hot towels for the back, neck, and shoulder area.  This can be added to the Relaxation Massage or the Therapeutic Massage.  $20.00

Relaxation Massage

This 60-minute massage incorporates primarily Swedish massage technique using long, gliding strokes; kneading; compression; and mild friction and percussion to alleviate sore muscles and stimulate the body's ability to heal itself through relaxation.   $100.00

Therapeutic Massage

Lasting between 60 and 90 minutes, this massage is tailored to meet the client's specific concerns and needs. It is a combination of general wellness massage, deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, and mild stretching.


60 minutes - $115

90 minutes - $165

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy 75 minutes of relief as smooth stones are heated and applied to the body in a systematic way along with a general wellness massage to stimulate relaxation, alleviate sore muscles and decrease pain.  $150.00 

Prenatal Massage

This 45-minute prenatal massage, sometimes called pregnancy massage, is massage therapy for the pregnant woman. It has been shown to produce numerous health benefits which include relieving musculoskeletal aches and pains, decreasing muscle tension, relieving leg cramps, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, improving sleep quality, and improving labor outcomes. Prenatal massage typically involves the use of several massage styles such as Swedish and deep tissue massage. Prenatal massage focuses on adapting massage techniques and client positioning strategies to accommodate the needs of mothers-to-be. This massage is typically received from the time pregnancy starts until about 6 weeks after delivery.

Contraindications for prenatal massage include but are not limited to blood clots, bleeding disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, pre-eclampsia, high-risk pregnancy, abdominal pain, pitting edema, heart disease, previous pre-term labor or miscarriage. If you suffer from one of these contraindications a doctor's note will be required to proceed with a massage.


single massage - $85.00

package of 3 massages - $240 ($15.00 savings)

package of 5 massages - $385 ($40.00 savings)

Foot Reflexology

This is a 60-minute therapeutic treatment based on the idea that the body has an inner network of reflex points in the feet that are connected to body systems and internal organs. Pressure is applied to certain sections of the feet and lower leg to help restore balance to the whole body.  $90.00

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